A journey into compassion and giving with Lida Niznjaja

We had an incredible time at Lida Niznjaja’s charity event this weekend, where Lida shared insights about her volunteer work in Africa but also philosophy of volunteerism. She explored the heart of volunteerism and empathy. Lida discussed who volunteers are and why they choose this path, emphasizing the importance of compassion. She spoke about the difference between those who seek pity and those who truly need help, highlighting that it is impossible to save the whole world, but you should start with yourself, as well as with small acts of kindness.

Lida also noted that social media often showcases materialistic achievements, overlooking good deeds that could inspire others to help but also to ask for help. Lida urged everyone to proudly share their good deeds online and offline, emphasizing that there is no shame in highlighting positive actions—let’s not be afraid to be called boastful when we are spreading the word about the good work we are doing. She encouraged everyone to embrace volunteerism without expecting applause, stressing that helping others should come from a genuine place. The event was an enlightening experience, urging us to find our ‘why’ in the journey of giving back.

One of the most memorable moments shared by our volunteer Viktorija Zdanko during the event was about Lida’s successful efforts to end the practice of hitting kids with sticks as a form of punishment in that area. Lida also taught local teachers new methods for working with children. An interesting highlight was that Lida’s son, Jegor, also got involved in volunteering. During her last trip to Turkana, he joined her, made friends with the locals. At the event, he shared his experiences from that time.

It was an honor to meet peacekeepers Olga and Guntars, who shared their remarkable journey with us. Their story is a beautiful example of how love and compassion can transform lives. For the last 7 years, they have been living in Africa, dedicating their lives to helping those in need. They oversee projects, ensuring they are completed successfully, and their commitment has already led to the construction of multiple schools. Because of their efforts, schools in remote areas have trained staff who run daily operations, providing education to children and offering them a brighter future. Additionally, the event featured presentations from charitable organizations such as ‘Steidzīgo Bērnu Fejas’ and ‘Dr. Klauns’. The first organization is focused on supporting premature babies, while the second organization, Dr. Klauns employs clowns with a pedagogical approach to bring joy to children in hospitals. We were delighted to hear their stories and learn about the wonderful work they are doing to help children in need.

Fenix Charity Fund also had an opportunity to present ourselves and talk about our achievements, goals and philosophies. We are grateful for the opportunity to share our valuable mission and successes.

Overall, It was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate our achievements, and connect with other organizations that are making a difference. Thank you everyone who attended and supported this event! All proceeds from the entrance fees will be directed to support Lida’s initiatives in Turkana. Thanks to Lida Niznjaja for organizing such a beautiful and memorable day!