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The main information about the international volunteer – Lida Niznaja

Lida is actively involved in charity work in Latvia and volunteers globally. Her experiences are shared on social networks, where she engages in conversations and encourages people to participate. Lida frequently travels to distant and exotic locations across the planet, scaling mountains and exploring volcanoes. These adventures are documented in videos for her YouTube channel, “Fellow Travelers.” In addition, she openly discusses her journey with multiple sclerosis, using her personal story to inspire those who may be tempted to give up.

At present, Lida is in Africa, dedicating over a month to constructing the initial classrooms in the desert region of Kenya—specifically Turkana, where the first school is being established. Alongside her construction efforts, Lida is actively involved in daily creative activities with children.

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The key moments of the project:

The first school in the Turkana desert region of Kenya is a project that Lida is passionately contributing to. She is focused on installing the foundation, blocks, and roof for the first two classrooms. With the support she receives, the classrooms will be further improved, and a small kitchen will be added, equipped with a stove for cooking porridge, corn, and beans. Lida also plans to create an area where children can cook under a canopy, protecting them from the sun. For educational purposes, supplies such as 25 sets for 50 children across two classrooms are needed. The uniforms, crucial for the safety of children in the war-torn region, cost 20 euros per person and are considered a necessity.

Local teachers from nearby regions, many of whom work for minimum wages or are volunteers themselves, have expressed their willingness to work at this school.

Lida is working alongside family volunteers Olga and Guntars, who have been living in Africa for six years. They actively oversee the project, ensuring its success. Thanks to their dedication, more than one school has been built, with trained staff independently managing operations and educating children. The increasing number of students and positive educational outcomes provide hope for a better future, offering children a chance to lead safer lives and escape poverty and hunger.

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