Supporting ‘Madaras’ Support Center

We are happy to announce that we’ve been able to provide essential support to the ‘Madaras’ support center, which operates as a structural unit of the ‘Cerību centrs’ association. The funding provided by the Fenix Charity Fund will go towards addressing the center’s urgent needs following a recent increase in residents. This generous contribution will be used to purchase additional kitchen utensils and to install a safety fence around the premises, ensuring enhanced security and a more welcoming environment for the center’s residents.

The ‘Madaras’ support center is dedicated to supporting young mothers and pregnant women who find themselves in crisis situations. This includes women who are homeless, lack resources, or do not have other support options. The center aims to provide a safe environment, resources, and moral support to those women who are determined to maintain their pregnancies and care for their children.
The planned fence installation, expected in May 2024, will provide an essential layer of safety for the women and their children at the ‘Madaras’ support center. As the center hosts children of various ages who are often active and energetic, the secure boundary will ensure they can play and explore without risk, creating a safer environment for everyone.

Additionally, just before Christmas, the ‘Vairo Labo’ organization organized a heartwarming Christmas event for the children at ‘Madaras’, featuring entertainment and gifts. It was a joyful occasion, offering a moment of respite and celebration for the families living at the center.

We are deeply grateful to the ‘Madaras’ Support Center for the invaluable work they do in providing a safe haven and a beacon of hope for those who need it most. Thanks to our direct support, we are able to help the center continue its mission. We look forward to completing the installation of the safety fence in May, contributing to a more secure environment for the women in need and their children at the center. Your dedication makes a significant difference, and we thank you for all that you do.