Transforming Lives: Meals for Kids in Africa Initiative Raises 3000 Euros

We are thrilled to share a remarkable accomplishment made possible by the support of our compassionate donors and volunteers. Thanks to your generosity, we have successfully raised 3000 euros for our ‘Meals for Kids in Africa’ initiative, ensuring that the children at Turkana School in Kenya will have access to nutritious meals for the next four months. 

At the heart of this achievement is dedicated volunteer Lida Niznaja, whose tireless efforts and commitment to making a difference have been instrumental in driving this project forward. Lida’s passion for philanthropy knows no bounds, as she dedicates herself to charity work both locally in Latvia and globally. Currently, Lida is on the ground in Africa, dedicating over a month to constructing the initial classrooms in the desert region of Kenya, specifically in Turkana, where the first school is being established. Alongside her construction efforts, Lida is actively involved in daily activities with children, bringing joy and hope to their lives. 

This achievement not only highlights the impact of our collective efforts but also underscores the importance of community support in creating lasting change. We extend our deepest gratitude to every donor as well as everyone involved who has contributed to this cause. Together, we are capable of making a difference in the lives of these children, empowering them to reach their full potential. Let’s continue to work together towards a brighter future for all.